About Us

Sending someone to your various social media shouldn't be that difficult. We make it easy.

We all use multiple social media platforms to keep up with each other, and because of all these fancy new ways to get your word out, sending someone directly to your website just isn't the most appropriate place anymore.

Voxini is the easiest way to share your various social profiles and content on the go. In about five minutes you can create a custom mobile profile which you can share with anyone, anywhere you happen to be via SMS, QR code, NFC and more (and.. it's free. score!).

How can I get Voxini?

Voxini is currently in beta, and we've been fortunate to have a great and rapidly growing group of users. Creating an acount is free, easy and only takes a couple minutes. Sign up here.

Who are we?

Founded in Greenville NC in 2011, Voxini consists of a lean group of highly caffeinated industry professionals that are rewriting the way people distribute their various social identities.

Join us

Like what we're doing, and want to get involved? Voxini is getting a lot of attention these days and we're on the lookout for top talent. Drop us a line at info@voxini.com with a little about yourself.

Potential investors

Voxini is actively engaging potential investor opportunities. To inquire about voxini please contact us at info@voxini.com

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